1000 Tiny Claws Out Now

London-based development studio Mediatonic has announced that 1000 Tiny Claws, its third PlayStation minis game for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3, is now available to download from PSN. 1000 Tiny Claws is priced at £1.99, €2.49 and $3.49 according to region.

1000 Tiny Claws sees Rana having to save her captain and crew from the hangman’s noose after a judge rules that they’re responsible for unleashing a swarm of insects that threaten to bring about the apocalypse. To save her crew, as well as the small matter of saving the world, Rana has to clear a series of floating islands by making sure the infernal enemies infesting each stage fall to their deaths. Rana can draw on her sky pirate’s toolbox of combos, running attacks, special moves and dodges to dispatch her many-clawed foes, and she must keep her cool as the action ramps up into wildly frantic territory if she wants to keep her crewmates alive and break the curse of the 1000 Tiny Claws once and for all.

Following the success of Mediatonic’s other Minis titles, the award-winning Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess and Who’s That Flying?! , 1,000 Tiny Claws features the studio’s distinctive visual style and emphasis on strong characters with entertaining narratives, combined with its signature rock-solid play mechanics and a wealth of content beyond the main story mode. 1000 Tiny Claws is out now, priced at £1.99, € 2.49 and $3.49 respectively.




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  • Haha, this looks like an epic game. The music for the trailer is well old school!