12 Mistakes You Will Make With Your Girlfriend Over The Festive Season

11. Agree to Spend New Year’s Eve with Her & Her Friends:

 You have to put up with her excruciatingly boring ‘B.F.F’ school chums and pretend you actually give a shit about T.O.W.I.E and Blossom Hill Rosé. All so she can have her ‘Sex & The City’ midnight kiss. You’d judge her delusion, were it not for the fact you get to ‘rattle’ her every now and again. Meanwhile, YOUR mates had a right old time, cleaning out some pseudo-metropolitan bar of all its Jägermeister, then running into Chris Kamara whilst looking for a strippy at 4am. Christmas Day is Kammy’s birthday, as well. He sprang for first dance. Unbelievable Jeff!