Action Game, Moon Skater, Coming Soon

3 Guys Apps may be new to the iPhone game industry, but they intend to zoom into the Apple Market, fast and furious, with their inaugural game, Moon Skater.  

Moon Skater features remarkably crisp graphics, precision functionality, lightning-fast pace and unique music that makes your iPhone sound like a rock band climbed inside. Moon Skater features a kid on a futuristic hover board, flipping over asteroids and shooting invading aliens, all while collecting valuable moon rocks, which allow players to “buy” better weapons, invincibility and other upgrades in the Moon Skater Store.

With 10 moon levels, each increasing in length and difficulty, Moon Skater presents the kind of playability that makes it impossible to put this game down. “We wanted something simple, fun and highly addictive,” says Moon Skater project manager, Mark Barnes. “A memorable character that gamers will identify with. A heroic kid, zooming over rough terrain, destroying attacking aliens and saving the Earth is, we hope, the kind of character all game-players dream of being.”

From the moment gamers open the Moon Skater main screen and the music blares, the action is underway. Moon rock collection starts as soon as level-one play begins, and a steady stream of boulders, asteroids and aliens threaten to destroy the Moon Skater. While gamers get a feel for the tilt action and the jump and fire buttons, Moon Skater offers a quick replay button on each level, so the action is never stopped for more than a few seconds, even if the Moon Skater is defeated.  

Other features include an interactive tutorial, online leader boards, a variety of store features, easily “purchased” with moon rocks collected during play, sharing scores on Facebook and Twitter and simple muting of sound, if desired.

“We think this game is going to soar to the Top 25,” Barnes adds. “We believe it’s that good and, hopefully, the first of many more games from 3 Guys Apps.

You can download Moon Skater for free in the App Store, as of its scheduled launch date, September, 23, 2012