Al Murray The Pub Landlord – The Only Way is Epic tour

Broken Britain may be staring into the bottom of an empty pint glass, but don’t lose hope – Al Murray The Pub Landlord is back to fill it up again, with a brand new show of epic proportions.  

Britain’s most irrepressible Innkeeper will be serving up his premier brew of ale-inspired acumen and bar-room buffoonery at a theatre near you this autumn, as part of his 2012 THE ONLY WAY IS EPIC TOUR. 

This monumental new live stand-up show from the multi-award-winning comedian, directly follows the nationwide success of the Guv’s twice extended Barrel of Fun tour, and is sure to sell-out fast.  Get your orders in now! 

Age Limit: Parental discretion advised.  Show contains adult themes.

  • This guy annoys me.

    • You know what, his act is very annoying, but I watched him in an interview ages ago and he comes across like an awesome blokes. Knows his stuff regarding music too.