Alex Kelly is giving away Orange Circle away for FREE for a limited time only

Alex Kelly is fast becoming one of New York’s most exciting up and coming acts to surface to a heap of brilliant critical acclaim, after flying under the radar for some time. Her debut album, Orange Circle, which was released on June the 1st has been described as “Fun candy coated pop music to lift the spirits….” (Oh Deary Me) and “A promising launch from a vibrant, young and seasoned artist. Orange Circle breathes electro, but Alex Kelly knows her craft, and uses the best of the rest to add fizz to her pop” (Goji Collective).

If you’re fans of the likes of Gwen Stefani, Azaelia Banks and Kelly Clarkson, then you must make sure that Alex Kelly is a part of your summer soundtrack. Alex Kelly is giving away the title track, ‘Orange Circle’, for absolutely FREE for a limited time only (until July 1st), so you can click the below and slot her right into your mixtape.

Download ‘Orange Circle’ for FREE now

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Alex also is putting on a ridiculously immense launch party at the Bowery Electric, New York, June 25th, which is set to start at 8pm, so make sure you get down there for a brilliant night! Full details below.

Alex Kelly’s new album ‘Orange Circle’ is out now, you can purchase here.

327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003
$8 General Admission

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