Alex Kelly’s debut album ‘Orange Circle’ is OUT NOW

Alex Kelly, a ferociously creative artist, released her debut album ‘Orange Circle’ on June 1st. In celebration of dropping her anthology of fantastic electric magic, Alex has arranged a launch party at the Bowery Electric, Monday June 25th @ 8pm. Joining Alex on stage will be with Kelsey Warren (Guitar).Howard Alper (Drums) & DJ Tiger, proving that this is definitely a show not to be missed. Launch party details below.

Alex Kelly is an American singer/songwriter born in Queens New York. Formerly the lead singer of Robby Takacs’ (Goo Goo Dolls) Amungus, 

To expand on her sound, Alex collaborated with pILLOW tHEORY’s Kelsey Warren and engineer Justin Rose of GCR Audio.  The sassy dance-rock title track ‘Orange Circle’, is the first single to be released. The band will see the addition of Howard Alper on drums this coming season.

Alex Kelly’s new album ‘Orange Circle’ is out now, you can purchase here.


 327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

(212) 228-0228 

$8 General Admission 

Bowery Link

The Story:

Alex Kelly is an American singer/songwriter born in Queens New York. She left New York City for Buffalo to study business at Buffalo State College. In 2007 Alex met Robby Takac (Goo Goo Dolls), who hand-picked her as lead singer and co-writer for his electro-pop side band, Amungus. “The truth is…” EP was released in 2008, with the song “Bad Kitty” appearing in the popular iTunes’ video game, Tap Tap Revenge 3. Radio play for the EP, via Kiss 98.5fm, and 88.7fm (NPR), landed the band a prime spot in the Rockin at the Knox music series, featuring The B52’s and Metric. After three years under Takac’s musical influence, Alex eagerly channeled her energies into her first solo project.

Alex moved back to New York City, where she produced and released her debut EP Sticky Butterfly, in spring 2010. With its powerful vocal performance, unique sound, and fearless lyrical content, Sticky Butterfly introduced a new sonic chapter of Alex Kelly’s music. The EP was featured on Channel 7 WKBW, Carma Dee TV, Z100 New Radio, and distributed through iTunes (worldwide), (in the US and UK) and various other social media retailers. Later that year, Sony Creative Software launched a remix contest/campaign for the EP’s first single and video “Funky Hydrophonic”, hosted by In addition, the New Music Seminar nominated Alex for the 2011 AOV List.

For her live shows, Alex Kelly with DJ Lopro and (pILLOW tHEORY’s) guitarist Kelsey Warren formed an eclectic electro-rock trio. The band honed their craft performing at underground art galleries and exclusive parties to display their unique blend of performance art, visuals and sound. These smaller niche shows paved the way to larger, trendy New York City venues such as Webster Hall, Bowery Electric and Arlene’s Grocery.

In June 2012 Alex Kelly will release her debut full length album entitled Orange Circle. To expand on her sound, Alex collaborated with Kelsey Warren and engineer Justin Rose. The sassy dance-rock title track “Orange Circle”, is the first single to be released in May. The band will see the addition of DJ Tiger and Howard Alper on drums this coming show season. The Orange Circle album release party will take place on June 25, 2012 at The Bowery Electric, NYC.

What the Press are Saying:

Gig Junkies – “An instantly addictive slice of streetwise pop… streetwise pop with instant a-peel”

Abolish Confusion Magazine – “Alex Kelly brings pop to life with this catchy number. Orange Circle not is instantly memorable as Alex’s soft vocals flow over prominent guitars, making it stand out from her peers.”

Oh Deary Me – “Fun candy coated pop music to lift the spirits….”

Female First –  ‘Alex Kelly is well and truly back with her new single Orange Circle as she mixes a bit of pop, rock and dance to make this the ultimate summer record.’

Kat, Metal Buzz – “I think Alex Kelly’s ‘Orange Circle’ is an absolutely amazing song. It’s like a blast of fresh summer air that will soothe and calm you down on a crazy, stressed out day. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.”

American Horrors – “Sharp AltPop.  Great dance hooks.  Cool song”

MusicEyz – “a great track, with something in it for most music fans.  It has all the ingredients to be a potential backdrop to the summer”

Freedom Spark – “Great angular, radio friendly, jam with sickeningly addictive hooks. I like.”

WhatCulture –  “Kelly’s rich yet mellow vocal style will have you singing along with every word while the strutting guitar moves your limbs on their own accord, it’s a tightly-packaged track that unwraps its way smoothly through its very quick 2:43 minutes”

Surge Radio – “Alex Kelly has that bad-girl next door attitude that’s missing from modern day pop music. She oozes guitar grit and contagious drum rhythms over an outstanding chorus, which will make you spin round and join in with the party.”

This Coast Magazine – ““Orange Circle”, the first single from Kellyʻs debut album of the same name, showcases the singer-songwriterʻs aptitude for electro-pop that incorporates steady vocals that are typical of its genre.”

One on One Music – “Orange Circle is a pop masterpiece. A killer disco beat mixes perfectly with heavy and melodic guitar riffs to form probably the best pop track we’ve heard this year. It’s fun, fast and furious – what more could you ever ask for? Alex Kelly’s vocal is pitch-perfect and we’re certain she’ll be a star of the future. It’s hook-laden, catchy and fun – Orange Circle is brilliant!”

All Around You – “Sexy and bold, Alex´s latest single is an energetic piece of modern music with a taste for classic sounds”

Sam Saunders – “A catchy, sassy, refreshing instant electro-pop classic. She’s energetic and a whole lot of fun, watch out for Alex Kelly.”

The Kaje – “a riotous romp that gets the shoulder shaking andfeet stomping in an effortlessly charged sing along.”



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