Angry Broads Hits US App Store

[pullquote_right]Crazy Birds (UK) or Angry Broads (US) is a brilliant new piece of software which lets iPhone and iPod touch users to take the piss out of their mates who are under the thumb.[/pullquote_right]A new iPhone and iPod touch application which allows users to mimic the nags of an absent partner is now available in the App Store.

The App – available for £1.49 or $1.99 – offers a range of phrases such as “If you’re going out, you may as well stay out”, “You treat this place like a hotel,” and “It’s not Christmas or your Birthday so don’t even ask” which can be selected in advance ahead of the prank. When the device is held up to the face of the instigator, a torrent of abuse is unleashed, the screen turning to an angry mouth, the airwaves blue with hostility.

A range of additional accents can be downloaded for free from within the App. Crazy Birds boasts insults in Cockney, Scouse, Geordie, New York, Country, and LA Blonde.  Crazy Birds comes downloaded with Cockney, but all of the other accents are free to download.

 “Try it once, fall in love with it forever,” says Terry Haynes, managing director, Hotgen. “Everyone we’ve shown it to has immediately snatched the iPhone in order to have a go. If ever an App was designed to spread by word of mouth – Angry Broads is it.”

This is the first in a range of Applications to come from Hotgen. A nagging husband application is due for release soon, as soon as the team can think of a pun as clever as ‘Angry Broads’.

Crazy Birds is available in the App Store now:!/id498199332?mt=8