Another lucky Brit wins the £101 Million Euro lottery

Imagine casually pocketing a tidy £101 Million on a Friday night sat at home? One lucky Brit did exactly this last night, landing themsleves the title of 701st richest Brit in the UK. Also making history, having the third biggest win in UK history. Not bad hey? (Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal is still the country’s richest person, worth £17.5b, according to

That could buy them 124 Bugatti Veyrons! or 102020202 cheese burgers from Maccys! (In case you were wondering). The interest alone would be more than enough to keep you fed and watered like a king.

Our lucky winner(s) has come forward after just 48 hours to collect their tidy sum. It is still unclear if it is an individual ticket or syndicate.

So, hats off to the lucky winner(s) and lets hope they at least spend a little of their money on something random to give us all a giggle!