Audio-Technica BP4001 Broadcast Microphone Scoops API Award

Launched earlier in 2011, Audio-Technica’s  new BP4001 microphone is now an award winner. The model (from Audio-Technica’s respected Broadcast & Production series) was recently voted Best Studio Product – Microphone in the Studio And Broadcast category of the prestigious Audio Pro International Awards.

Designed to be the perfect partner for broadcast interviews and newsgathering, the cardioid dynamic BP4001 delivers clear and articulate reproduction of spoken words and excellent isolation of the sound source. The BP4001 is also built to withstand the rigours of a life in professional broadcast, with a rugged housing and ‘floating’ back cavity assembly ensuring longevity and isolation from handling noise respectively.

Harvey Roberts, Audio-Technica senior UK marketing manager said, “It’s very gratifying to have the BP4001 recognised by the API Awards judging panel. Broadcast interview microphones are rarely the centre of attention, and yet they play a crucial role in delivering the audio that we listen to on radio and TV every day. The BP4001 – and its omnidirectional sibling the BP4002 – is a remarkably refined, durable microphone and we’re very pleased that it’s now an API Award winner.”


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