Bang & Olufsen – Creation of a Unique Surround Sound System

Bang & Olufsen are one of the worlds most renowned audio companies, not just for the beauty of the products that they create but also the clarity and quality of the sound that emanates from them. Today we are proud to introduce the world to the newest Bang & Olufsen product, the amazing BeoLab14 a home surround sound system from the future.

Krestan Krab Johansen, Concept Developer for Bang & Olufsen says about the BeoLab 14 surround sound system:

The inspiration was that it should be easy to fit into the home but at the same time should give a surprisingly big sound experience. We try to expand the boundaries and challenge other people and make them do their best, so that we together can develop something which has never been seen before, or is better than what is on the market today.

With the BeoLab 14, Bang & Olufsen definitely created a unique Surround Sound System unlike anything that has ever been seen (or heard) in the marketplace. Some of the key features of this amazing product are as follows:

  • Spatial sound. Discrete design: You’ll feel the space inside your room expanding, changing its character as you delight in the tiniest acoustic detail.
  • Freedom with uncompromised decor: Don’t let your living space compromise your sound system. BeoLab 14 offers virtually endless combinations and possible placements.
  • Ready for any TV: Even if your home isn’t graced with a Bang & Olufsen TV you can still take your audio experience to a whole new level.

What also makes the BeoLab 14 so unique is the manufacturing, research and design time and processes that were carried out during the creation of the product which include:

  • A Seamless Ring: A single piece of aluminium is transformed under the weight of 170 tons of pressure to form a seamless ring of pure, flawless strength.
  • Attention to Design Detail: 500 Hours of design time was put into the both the initial design phase and the various design refinement stages ensuring that the BeoLab 14 products are designed as perfectly as possible.
  • Increased corrosion and wear resistance: An anodising dip line is used, where fifty vessels are placed into 200,000 litres of liquid to ensure that the BeoLab 14 products withstand both wear and tear and corrosion to the highest degrees possible.
  • Sound as crisp as ever: More than 2000 hours of sound engineering time is put into the BeoLab 14 to ensure that the sound quality that comes out of this speaker system is both clear and larger than life.
  • Sleek, small design: Many clever design features and traits have been placed into the BeoLab 14 product range including the fact that it leans back to seem smaller within your room.

With each new system Bang & Olufsen challenges its finest sound engineers to refine existing technologies, evolving decades of careful research for the ultimate refinement of sound.

BeoLab 14 is a continuation of this legacy. Its Adaptive Bass Linearisation has been specifically customised to drive exceptional sound experience from very compact speakers while simultaneously protecting them from sudden bursts in volume thereby causing damage. By reducing bass throughput automatically in response to extreme peaks, the unique technology ensures consistent and unrivalled Bang & Olufsen performance throughout.

Over the coming week on AltSounds we will be featuring one new video each day focusing on the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 product to delve deeper into the product, it’s inception, conception, design and much more to showcase why the BeoLab 14 is the newest must have surround sound system for your home. Tomorrow’s video will focus on the Magic of the design of this BeoLab 14 Bang & Olufsen surround sound system.


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