Bang & Olufsen – Sound That Comes To Life

Bang & Olufsen take two things very seriously – design and quality of sound. In PART 2 of our five part feature on the new BeoLab 14 we focused on the design aspect of it all and, whilst some of the design aspects also affect the quality of sound, the fifth and final feature you can watch below is dedicated to Bang & Olufsen’s ability to take quality of sound very seriously.

Bang & Olufsen take great pride in the care and attention they pour into every last acoustic detail. They calibrate audio against the purest waveforms to ensure that their speakers only produce the finest possible sound.

Jens Rahbek, Acoustic Engineer for Bang & Olufsen says:

Starting out with the first prototype and doing the measurements, the listening and tuning. The beauty about measurements is that it will pinpoint any kind of problem. The trouble with measurements is that even if we have twenty very nice measurements there is no guarantee that the sound will be nice. We still need to LISTEN

He Continues:

We are not making loudspeakers. We are making experiences.

Compactness was one of the keys to meeting the consumer needs of tomorrow – Bang & Olufsen needed more sound in smaller sizes – and that is exactly what they have done with the BeoLab 14. The delicate speakers can fit into any room and with the subwoofer – or the ‘Tower of Power’ as it is referred to be its designers – which hold six independent amplifiers, the system is complete.

Geoff Martin, Tonmeister at Bang & Olufsen states:

My job is to represent the final customer and make sure that when they close their eyes and they listen to the system they are going to be happy with their purchase.

He continues:

The engineers are finished with designing how the loudspeaker will perform and the first thing I do is listen. I listen and see is there something wrong here that we can go back to the original measurements and look at – fix the problem rather than trying to cover it up. That goes in a loop. Eventually it gets to a point where the only thing left to do are the final tweaks.

And this massive attention to detail and over 2000 hours of sound engineering is what helps make the BeoLab 14 sound as amazing as it does and we highly recommend that anyone looking for a new surround system considers purchasing the BeoLab 14 from Bang & Olufsen right now!


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