Bear Grylls teams up with Dockers® Brand

The Dockers® brand is proud to unveil the first visuals from the latest evolution of its international, Wear The Pants® marketing platform featuring Bear Grylls, star of multiple extreme survival programs. The campaign will pair Grylls’ rugged charisma with the latest in refined, approachable masculine style from the world’s most authoritative khaki resource, the Dockers®brand.  Portions of the campaign were shot in the “wilds” of Manhattan, including a series of outdoor scenes photographed in the city’s beloved Central Park, by lens-man Koto Bolofo.

The Dockers® brand’s tongue-in-cheek Wear The Pants® campaign, launched in late 2009, continues to celebrate the re-emergence of khakis as the go-to everyday pant for men around the world, but now the platform also celebrates passion, purpose and empathy. The Wear The Pants® campaign continues to spark conversation about what it means to be a man today. The latest iteration of the campaign will feature Bear Grylls in celebrated Dockers® styles such as the Signature and Alpha Khaki silhouettes and will be seen around the globe.  The Wear The Pants® campaign was created in partnership with DraftFCB, San Franciscoand is fully integrated with print, billboard, radio, social media, in-store and digital marketing components.

“Bear Grylls is a real-life hero, the perfect embodiment of our Wear the Pants® campaign,” offered Jen Sey, senior vice president of global marketing for the Dockers® brand, on the selection of Bear as the face of the 2012 campaign. “We’re thrilled to be teaming with him, a TRUE man of action and ingenuity, out braving and conquering the world, doing what he loves. His passion and drive as well as his commitment to his family resonate with the spirit of the Dockers® brand and the Wear the Pants® campaign.”

“It was a lot of fun to be part of the Wear The Pants® 2012 campaign. I’m always looking for rugged, durable clothing from brands like Dockers® that are approachable and accessible,” said Bear Grylls.

Known across the globe as a go-getter with a passion for outdoor adventure and survival, Grylls grew up in the United Kingdom on the Isle of Wight, where he trained from a young age in climbing, sailing and the martial arts. He then went on to serve three years as a soldier in the British Special Forces, with the SAS, during which time he mastered many of the skills that his fans all over the world now get to watch him execute on television as he challenges the toughest jungles, deserts and mountains on earth.  Man Vs Wild has generated a huge global audience of 1.2 Billion viewers who tune in to see the modern-day action man pit his wits against the worst that mother-nature has to offer.

With his never say die spirit and skilled background, Grylls has enchanted audiences around the world, building a huge, loyal fan base.  A genuine doer, Grylls is also among the youngest climbers to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest. He was awarded an honorary commission as a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy and has authored 10 books, including the No. 1 best-seller “Mud Sweat and Tears.”  

Grylls has also led record-breaking expeditions from Antarctica to the Arctic, raising over $2.5 million for children worldwide in the process. Gryllsis also the youngest ever Chief Scout to 28 million young Scouts around the world.

Grylls can next be seen on tour on “Bear Grylls: Mud, Sweat & Tears Live” shows in Norway, UK and US in 2012.

This combination of drive coupled with his philanthropic spirit makes Grylls the perfect addition to the Dockers®brand’s Wear The Pants® campaign. The 2011 Effie Award winning Wear The Pants® campaign asserts a new definition of manhood for today; one rooted in masculine maturity, but also in courage, chivalry and sensitivity.  

The 2012 evolution of this platform continues with this global positioning that celebrates the curious, industrious spirit of the doer, the go-getter who seizes opportunity and realizes his dreams.  The Dockers® brand’s latest campaign features an assortment of evolved, modern Dockers® styles perfect for the “wild” situations everyday life can present.

About the Dockers® Brand

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