Becoming A Male Model: How hard can it be? // Part 1

Lets look at the fundamentals here. Modelling can’t be that hard right? Standing in front of a camera for a few hours and getting paid a ridiculous amount of money for what you’re actually doing. That part sounds amazing as it is. But just how tough is it to get yourself established in the industry. Where does the work come from? What is the pay actually like? How easy is it to apply for representation?

This regular column will follow the progress of my movements and give you the real insight into the Modelling Industry, and what really goes on…

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Can You Model?

Lets face it, when choosing a career path, someone with the visual output of The Elephant Man, should probably consult their careers adviser before applying to become a Model. If you’re fortunate enough to have been blessed with good genes, then the first step to becoming A Male Model has been completed.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been brought up to look after myself and take pride in my body. So building the confidence to go ahead and take the route of Modelling hasn’t been something I’ve never considered.

So let’s see if breaking the industry is as hard as it sounds. Firstly, choose your market.

What’s Your Target Market?

Before starting out, you need to discover what your target market is. For male’s, there are a few different types of modelling that you can run with. The main types are Fashion, Commercial, Fitness, Editorial, Runway and Glamour.

The easiest way to find which is your market, is to take a look around a few of the sites with the mentioned modelling styles and see which one you may fit in. For me, I have a Commerical and Fashion Look. High Fashion maybe a little too above the line for myself as I’ve hit the ripe old age of 25. High Fashion is usually a little bit younger than that, however it’s worth a try as the money is quite abit more (so I’ve heard).

So once you’ve chosen your target market, you need to look into what’s going to sell you, and what works for your look. In my case, I have high cheekbones and a relatively strong jaw line, so tapping into the Fashion market shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

Do You Measure Up?

You have to be realistic with height, as all agencies have their limits on size. So let’s see my stats:

Height: 6.2″, Chest: 39″, Waist: 31.5″, I Leg: 33″, Suit: 36L, Collar: 15″, Shoe: 10.5 Hair: Brown, Eyes: Hazel

And let’s see the requirements for Fashion Modelling according to the AMA:

A male model should be at least 6ft tall (1.83cms), chest 40 (suit regular), and inside leg 33ins (84cm). You should have clear skin, good hands, nails and teeth, healthy hair and regular features.” – AMA

So all seems to check out here in the measurement department apart from the inch on the chest, but will that effect my applications? Will that one inch stop me from becoming the next top model? My intention is to find out from the owners of the Agencies and photographers whether this stuff really matters, and if there are corners to cut, or different ways of approaching this tough industry.

So the measurements have checked out, I seem to fit all the criteria, but what next? Find out in Part 2 of  Becoming A Male Model: How hard can it be?