Best Short-Haul Destinations for Late Autumn Sun Revealed

A flight comparison site has disclosed its tips on the best destinations for late Autumn sun not too far from the UK; showing travellers where to catch the last of Autumn Sun without having to fly too far.

Despite the chill of Autumn firmly setting in, the warmth of Summer sunshine can still be caught in many locations not too far from the UK. To help Britons wanting to catch a snippet of warmth before Winter sets in, flight comparison site has revealed the top 10 destinations for late Autumn Sun with a short flight-time from the UK.

Jerome Cohen-Scali, Co- Founder of, shares his tips on the best short-haul destinations for late Autumn sun:

1) Costa del Sol, Spain

Spain’s Costa del Sol is one of the best places to enjoy beautiful, mild weather all year round; making it perfect for a warm escape at this time of the year. With average maximum temperatures of 23°C throughout the autumn months and just two and a half hour flight time from the UK; the Costa del Sol is ideal for those seeking a quick getaway without spending too much time travelling.

2) Malta

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is the perfect island escape for those wanting to capture the last glances of Summer sun before the Winter months draw in. Its southerly position awards it with daytime temperatures averaging around the mid 20°s throughout autumn; and with a flight time averaging just less than 3 hours from the UK, the island is a great choice for those not wanting to travel too far.

3) Provence, France

Temperatures tend to rest around the late teens in Provence at this time of year, making it a beautiful destination to catch a little Autumnal warmth. Flight times to this area of France are a mere two hours on average, and with plenty flights regularly departing to this are from around the UK, you can usually clinch a cracking flight deal to boot.

4) Agadir, Morocco

Boasting average maximum temperatures of around 25°C at this time of year, Morocco is the place to go to catch some serious Autumn sun. With a flight time of roughly 3 hours from the UK, beach-front resort Agadir is an ideal location for sun-seekers at this time of year.

5) Tenerife, Canary Islands

With a four-hour flight time from the UK; The Canary Islands are a great choice for those willing to travel a little longer, without going long-haul. Situated just off the North African coast, Tenerife is an excellent sunshine destination all year round; with autumnal temperatures tending to rest around an average maximum of 26°C and minimum average temperature of a mild 19°C.

6) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia boasts average maximum temperatures of 21°C at this time of year, providing UK travellers with a pleasant sunshine escape from the gloom of the impending British weather. With a perfectly comfortable 3 hour flight time from the UK, Croatia is the ideal Autumnal escape for UK holidaymakers looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy a little Adriatic charm.

7) Paphos, Cyprus

The west- coast of Cyprus is an excellent destination for those seeking warmer weather at this time of year, and the resort of Paphos combines all the trappings of a fantastic family beach holiday. Temperatures tend to stay around 27°C at this time of year, with around 9 hours of sunlight; and with a flight time of roughly five hours, Paphos is the ideal location for anyone yearning for a snippet of summer before the British winter arrives.

8 ) Marmaris, Turkey

Fantastic for families, Turkey enjoys average maximum temperatures in the mid- 20°Cs at this time of year; with sunshine almost guaranteed throughout October. With a four hour flight from the UK, the resort of Marmaris is a brilliant choice for anyone seeking to experience the sites of Turkey with a relaxed beach-holiday vibe.

9) Sardinia, Italy

Much like Turkey, temperatures nestle at a more than comfortable mid- 20°Cs in Sardinia at this time of year. Renowned for its beauty, the crowds of Summer will have died down throughout October/ early November on the island; making it a great quiet getaway to steal a little snippet of the last dregs of Summer Sun.

10) Ibiza, Balearic Islands

As the parties of Summer die down, Ibiza becomes a perfect spot for some warm Sunshine before the Winter cold sets in. Temperatures, on average, nestle at around 20°C; and with a short flight time of around 2 hours from destination points all around the UK, this is perfect place even for those wanting a very short break. Regular flights also mean there are some great deals to be found.

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