Blazing Souls Accelate available now on PSN for PS Vita and PSP

Acclaimed video games publisher Rising Star Games announces the release of Blazing Souls Accelate. Developed by Idea Factory, the strategy RPG is available online via PlayStation Network for PS Vita and PSP. It will also be available in stores this Friday, 1 June.

Your skills are put to the test with a diverse range of options to defeat the Human Genomes. Use the power of the Core Elemental and launch individual or massive combo attacks resulting in exhilarating battle encounters. Mould your own world with up to 200 different items and skills – what you do before battle affects the terrain and vice-versa. Search for towns and dungeons at the guild, explore hidden areas, battle enemies and watch animated events.

Blazing Souls Accelate looks spectacular with incredible anime visuals, while its deep and engaging story will provide players with hours of rewarding tactical RPG gameplay.

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