Bleed Electric are back bigger, brighter and better than ever before with their new EP ‘Let The Invasion Begin’

Bleed Electric, the now trans-atlantic trio, are bursting back onto the scene with an arsenal of new tracks they are set unleash into the stratosphere;  Chris ‘MUG5’ Maguire, Dean ‘S-Tradamus’ Fortt aka Silk and Leon ‘Siege’ Hassan have been busy creating future fresh tracks that take you on a sonic journey of musical discovery and will propel you into a dimension your imagination wasn’t able to previously fathom.  With stunning production, contagious melodies, sick flow and poetic lyricism, Bleed Electric’s sound is gift wrapped in its intricate, detailed, musicality that blurs all genre boundaries, leaving you gasping for more; “Let The Invasion Begin” does what it says on the tin and is sure to set the music industry alight.

If you’re looking for a trio that’s not only meticulous in their music creativity and production, but also hugely innovative in their approach to music, then Bleed Electric has come to your rescue. [pullquote_right]“Sit back and let Bleed Electric take you on a musical journey that you have never before experienced. There will be moments where it will scare you, moments it will force you to dance and anything [and everything] in between, above and beyond. Bleed Electric are history in the making. Make sure you can tell your friends that you loved Bleed Electric before anyone knew them!” – Chris “MUG5” Maguire[/pullquote_right]

Chris “MUG5” Maguire is also the Editor in Chief of one of the most respected and influential music taste making websites and networks in the music industry, AltSounds.  With over 10 years of experience behind him not only writing cutting edge articles and reviews, he’s also responsible for Screamadelica Studios, where he’s had the opportunity to produce and work with a plethora of incredible music artists over the years, and he’s had a huge part in taking talented artists to the next level.

“Let the Invasion Begin” is sure to appeal to every-ones musical taste, as there really is something here for everyone. Bleed Electric are a new musical concept that will surely be a part of the music evolution of the future – as the title instructs…. Let the Invasion Begin!

What the Press are Saying:

Ultimate Reviewer – “Bleed Electric are an unstoppable force when it comes to producing out-of-the-box, fresh new music, crossing and blending countless genres, with a certainty to appeal to every audience.” – 10/10

Anti Music – “Bleed Electric hopes to shake up the music industry in an attempt to break from its traditional concepts of how music should be portrayed and released.”

Blazing Minds – “I’ll be keeping a close eye on these guys and will be checking out their previous releases.”

Leeds Music Scene – “I must say I was totally confused and surprised after listening to Bleed Electric. Their varied style and pace are commended. Bleed Electric will leave you exhausted and heighten your senses, autonomous music at it’s best.” – 4/5


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  • Ffi Davies

    I absolutely LOVE these guys’s sound… so original, so addictive