Bloodshot Vodka Launches

Bloodshot Vodka is a new British premium spirit created by chef and food and drinks writer, Mark Douglas Hill. A fiery fusion of exotic spices, hot peppers and aromatics, Bloodshot is the result of his quest to produce the perfect Bloody Mary. It combines the smoothest taste with an edgy character, which looks set to make it the ingredient of choice for the true Bloody Mary connoisseur.

How to make the perfect Bloody Mary has proved a heated topic since it was created almost one hundred years ago, and one night in his Notting Hill Kitchen, Mark decided to take the matter into his own hands. Astounded by the complexity and integrity of the spirit that emerged from the initial process, he perfected the recipe for over two years before its recent launch.

This devilish spirit is truly the answer to drinkers prayers, whether you have the hangover from hell or are a regular Bloody Mary worshipper, Bloodshot will make a drink that is truly out of this world every time and in seconds, simply add tomato juice and enjoy. For those who feel like taking the bull by the horns, simply add some beef consommé to the tomato juice and enjoy a Bloody Bullshot that tastes divine. Or for the committed spice addict just shake with Ice and shoot straight up as a Bloodshot Firebomb.

Bloodshot Vodka is one of the worlds most complex spirits to produce, with three intricate production processes involving over twenty ingredients with no artificial additives. Distilled using only the finest English wheat, it has been created through combining both traditional and cutting edge techniques. The primary distillation takes place in the UK? tallest tower, most state-of-the-art, still that rectifies the fermented grain through 43 plates. It is then distilled a second time through Angela, a 108-year-old copper pot still that breathes life, character and texture into the premium spirit.

Despite its purity, Bloodshot most definitely has a fiery side and this is due to the maceration process that follows. Similar to gin production, the vodka is infused with a carefully balanced blend of spices, aromatics and botanicals, including: smoky chipotle chilies, cracked black pepper, lemon peel, horseradish root, coriander seed, hot cayenne pepper and celery seed.

The final stage in the creation of the original bloody vodka spirit involves the complex blending process which marries the spice infused spirit with lemon and limeWorcestershire Sauce and award winning Port from the Douro Valley. After three weeks of maturing, it passes through a four-step filtration process finishing with its distinctive deep red colour.

A lifelong Bloody Mary and Bullshot obsessive, this is Mark? first drinks project which he is running alongside his food and drink writing. Last autumn saw the publication of his fascinating book, The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia: A Compendium of Culinary Come-ons, which goes in search of the ultimate aphrodisiac dishes and is the result of years of researching and testing the most titillating recipes from all over the world.

So all hail The Bloodshot Mary; the new queen of the cocktail world.