Brits at Coachella: Arctic Monkeys now more popular in LA than Liverpool

Arguably Britain’s biggest rock group, the Arctic Monkeys – set to play two weekends of the Coachella festival from this weekend – are now bigger in LA than Liverpool. According to filesharing statistics from music analytics company Musicmetric, the success of their current tour of the States and South America is highlighted by their global filesharing figures.

The data on the number of filesharers shows that the Arctic Monkeys now have ⅓ more filesharers in LA than in Liverpool. The data also shows that Chicago in now almost level with Manchester for filesharers of The Monkeys’ music. The table above clearly highlights that the Arctic Monkeys now count some of both North and South America’s biggest cities in their top ten filesharing locations.

When we calculate this as a per capita figure, people in Manchester file-trade the Monkeys’ music ten times as much as those in New York but on an absolute number of fans per city basis, their impact on the USA and South America is huge. With regards to commercial opportunities for the band including touring and album sales, the absolute figure is more important.

If we put the Arctic Monkeys data into context by looking at at the top ten filesharing cities for Noel Gallagher, who is also on a US tour and playing Coachella this weekend the significance of the Arctic Monkeys’ breakthrough becomes even clearer.

Noel Gallagher – top ten filesharing cities:

  1. London

  2. Glasgow

  3. Athens

  4. Birmingham

  5. Dublin

  6. Sheffield

  7. Aberdeen

  8. Manchester

  9. Liverpool

  10. Milan

To compile the data, Musicmetric collects trend data from the BitTorrent network their our own proprietary data collection infrastructure. This connects to the network and monitors the download activity per hour in each city for all music releases being traded on the torrent network.

All data is anonymous and aggregated to a city level. As new torrents are added to the network, Musicmetric’s platform automatically ingest them into the system and starts tracking them.

About Musicmetric:
Musicmetric tracks real time online trends and fan interaction for over 600 thousand artists, across social media, file sharing networks, blogs, reviews and news sources. Musicmetric combines this data together with information covering gig dates, release schedules, sales, radio play and streaming activity to give a full contextual view of an artist. The artist dashboards are used across the industry by artists, managers, independent and major record labels, promotion companies and broadcasters. Visit for more details and to get free overview stats and ranking for any artist.


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