Brits Confused When it Comes to ‘Healthy Snacking’

A whopping six out of 10 Britons are confused by the innocent appearance of ‘healthy snacks’, unknowingly consuming huge quantities of processed sugar. A recent survey by Fruitdrop fruit delivery company has revealed that a shocking 34% of those surveyed consider sugary flapjacks or cereal bars to be their preferred ‘healthy snack’. The refined sugars within these healthy looking treats are a concealed health danger, contributing towards tooth decay and weight gain[1].

35-44 year olds are the most likely to choose snacks teaming with hidden refined sugars, with 62% of them selecting this option. Health-marketed cereal bars with long expiry dates may seem like an easy solution for a busy lifestyle, but peckish Brits are missing out on the healthy benefits of naturally sweet foods such as fruit[2].

A quarter of those in East Anglia are calorie laden flapjack fans, while 22% of ‘healthy snack’ fans in the south of England enjoy the sugary coffee shop favourite, the fruit muffin.

Ben Thompson, managing director of Fruitdrop, believes that employees can be encouraged towards healthier foods by keeping them to hand in the workplace, “By introducing a weekly fruit delivery to the office, employers can improve the health of their workforce, by providing a fresh and healthier option to counter the convenience of sugary snacks. Office fruit delivery can be arranged for a day and time to suit office needs.”

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Survey conducted by OnePoll



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