Camel Audio Releases Alchemy Mobile

Camel Audio releases sample manipulation soft synth and (optional) touch remote for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, and updates sample manipulation and playback soft synth plug-ins.

Edinburgh, UK: Camel Audio is proud to announce availability of a free iOS (iPad native; iPhone- and iPod Touch-compatible) version of its award-winning Alchemy sample manipulation soft synth via Apple’s iTunes App Store, as well as major updates to Alchemy itself and its associated (free) Alchemy Player sample playback soft synth plug-in (both supporting all major formats on Mac and Windows, including VST, AU, and RTAS, in 32- and 64-bit flavours)…

• ALCHEMY MOBILE is available for free from the iTunes App Store, and turns any compatible iOS device (iPad, iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd Gen or later) running iOS 4.2 or later into a powerful version of Camel Audio’s award-winning Alchemy sample manipulation soft synth, shipping with 25 sounds — everything from evolving soundscapes and fat basses to lush pads and pulsing arpeggios, plus 25 more when registering for free with Camel Audio — all alterable via 16 performance controls (including cutoff, resonance, and ADSR), as well as a unique remix pad which makes morphing between sound variations to create new sounds speedier than ever! iOS versions of Camel Audio’s acclaimed Arp Dimensions (multi-dimensional arps for electronica, ambient, and trance), Cinematic (dramatic soundscapes, layered pads, and evocative sound effects for film, ambient, and electronica), and BigTone (warm synth sounds, immaculately programmed pads, and playable arps for trance, ambient, and electronica) ‘Powered by Alchemy’ sound libraries (each featuring 50 sounds with 400 variations) are available as ‘in-app’ purchases (for £2.99/€3.99/$4.99). Other notable features include: powerful iOS synthesis engine with virtual analogue, sampler, granular, and additive resynthesis capabilities; built-in keyboard with scalable keys; one-touch major and minor chords; external MIDI keyboard support; loop player (with 25 included drum loops); plus copy and paste support for easy integration with other apps like NanoStudio and GarageBand — paste a loop from a sequencer into Alchemy Player, hit record, play an additional part, then paste the resulting loop back into the sequencer! An optional Pro Upgrade (£13.99/€15.99/$19.99) additionally offers remote control of Alchemy or Alchemy Player running on a desktop or laptop computer — the first iOS App to do so, free download of Mobile versions of any already purchased ‘Powered by Alchemy’ sound libraries (if available), and comes complete with 125 onboard sounds and 50 loops.

• ALCHEMY/ALCHEMY PLAYER 1.25 represents the latest versions of Camel Audio’s flagship sample manipulation soft synth plug-in (£179/€199/$249) and its associated Alchemy Player sample playback soft synth plug-in, both featuring much enhanced analogue modelled filters (by modelling experts Cytomic) that not only sound superior and can be driven harder, but also use less CPU; a new skin by biolabs (previously only available with the Biolabs: Alchemy Labs ‘Powered by Alchemy’ sound library); controller support for the Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade; and a whole host of other improvements and fixes, including: FX presets with modulation assignments; player-only skins; enhanced bit-crusher; smoothed progress bar updates; help button (for error dialogue boxes); and much more besides.