CARTIER Presents Short Film by AIR & Waverly Films

Since 2007, Cartier has invited international artists to freely express themselves to answer the question “How far would you go for Love?” This year, Cartier has called upon the band Air who created Painted Love: exclusive short film collaboration with New York based directors Waverly (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Deathcab for Cutie, TV on the Radio). Painted Love will launch on November 9th on the Cartier Facebook site, the first time Cartier has marketed on Facebook. It will then launch worldwide on November 11th on, and it will be available on all digital Cartier sites starting November 16th.

On November 1st, Cartier held an event in New York City at the Thompson Hotel LES where they screened the short film and the “Making-Of” Painted Love. The Making of Painted Love premiered on October 31st on Watch the “Making Of” video HERE.

Painted Love revisits the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea- the impossible encounter between an artist and his muse. The film is about a young painter wandering in the New York night, looking for his love BIEN AIMEE. The film takes place in an artist’s loft in downtown Manhattan. The painter is struggling with the adorable obsession inhabiting his works and his mind. Every painting he creates is an unachieved love quest, a symbol of an impossible encounter. Until the day when the fusion occurs: the painter chooses to dive in his painting in order to embrace its passion and never let go. “The idea of the muse is very important to us, it is like a driving force. I know that for every album, we have needed a love story as a motivation. Creating art is like a huge need to be loved,” says French band AIR.

Critically acclaimed music duo from Versailles, Air, have released six studio albums and is also known for their work with American film director Sofia Coppola on the soundtracks for her films The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Marie Antoinette. Their most recent album and sixth studio album, Love 2 peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart and featured singles “Sing Sang Sung” and “Do the Joy.”

Cartier has strong French culture. It is something we feel very close to. What brought me to compose the slightly extreme music is this connection that Cartier has built with creators, contemporary art and the Foundation. There is a long and genuine history between Cartier and artistic creation, and I thought it was a very good opportunity for us to experiment with different sounding music than what we could have done for another band.” says Jean-Benoît Dunkel of AIR.

Painted Love by AIR follows the footsteps of Cartier’s tradition of artistic collaborations. Most recently, they teamed up with Olivier Dahan (who directed 12 short LOVE films in 2007), with “l’oeuvre XXX” in 2008- the exclusive concept album that achieved cult status including such artists as Marion Cotillard, Lou Reed, Phoenix and Ryuchi Sakamoto, and then with Camille Henrot (Marcel Durchamp Prize) who showed her work at the Fondation Cartier in 2010.

There is a tension that only creators and artists can bring to life. And so, since 2007, Cartier has been giving total creative freedom to several groundbreaking artists to express themselves through various digital platforms to answer the question “How far would you go for Love?”

The iconic LOVE bracelet for Cartier is surrounded by screws. It fits the wrist by using a delicate golden screwdriver. Symbolically, it stands for one person chaining themselves to the other-an exclusive love. This piece has been the impetus for the artistic collaborations across the globe.

On November 9th, Painted Love (the short film, and the track) will be available online where they can be downloaded for free:


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