Celebrate Australia Day 26th January 2012 with Moosehead

With Australia Day on 26th January why not celebrate with Moosehead’s professional hair care range creating designer styles at high street costs. Moosehead Deo Sprays will leave you smelling and feeling fresh.

Hard Core Wax
Gives a medium/strong hold and a light sheen whilst enhancing depth of colour and stimulating hair growth. It has a delicious scent of Coconut and Lime.

Hard Wearing Fibre
Gives a strong hold and medium shine whilst leaving hair soft. It is perfect for textured looks.

Hard Wearing Fibre 3D

Mellow Deo Spray– Moose are cool, collected creatures that happily co-exist with other animals and their surroundings. Make co-existence with others in your domain a little more pleasant with Mellow Moose, a smooth and understated body spray.

Alluring Deo Spray – appeal to the senses with Alluring Moose deo spray, but be warned: this strong and captivating body spray is irresistible!

Raging Deo Spray – when threatened, enraged or feeling particularly over protective, Moose make for a virile opponent. Take control minus the incitement and charge into any situation confidently and command attention with this energising and stimulating spray.