Channel 4 trial live poster technology on the London underground

Channel 4 is to bring its distinctive news and commentary to live cross track projector screen advertisement boards (XTPs) on the London Underground network, as part of a marketing push for the flagship 7pm Channel 4 News bulletin.

The marketing campaign is a media first for Channel 4, and aims to drive viewers to the 7pm Channel 4 News broadcast, by highlighting and updating key headlines that will feature on the show that night, on these XTPs during commuter hours. The content will showcase the top stories that will feature on that evening’s bulletin, combined with tweets and blogs from the Channel 4 News presenters Jon Snow, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Cathy Newman and Matt Frei. The objective is to give commuters the big stories with a shot of the personality and character associated with Channel 4 News, in a way that will drive people to the programme.

[pullquote_right]James Walker, Deputy Head of Marketing, said, “Channel 4 News has a clear identity and personality and we wanted to find a way of reminding people of that on a daily basis. Working with a live, dynamic media allows us to give commuters a teaser of Channel 4’s take on the day’s events in advance of the 7pm bulletin.”[/pullquote_right]

The technology, developed by digital creative agency The Cloud and Compass working with 4Creative and Rudd Studio, will allow C4 and ITN to automatically publish dynamic copy and content throughout the day, a facility that was previously unavailable to other advertisers without significant human input. The ITN news team will provide content directly related to that evening’s bulletin, from 4-7pm, to drive viewers to the 7pm programme.

Futhermore, if a breaking news story happens close to transmission, ITN’s news team will be able to deliver updated headlines and content, which can be uploaded to the underground XTP screens, providing commuters with the very latest on what the top stories will be on that evening’s show.

The campaign, planned by OMD, will run for four weeks from November 14th, across 100 XTP sites on the London Underground Network.


  • Creative agency: 4Creative
  • Production: The Cloud and Compass
  • Designed by: Rudd Studio
  • Planned by: OMD
  • Bought by: Posterscope