Coming Autumn 2013 – Around the World in 80 Raves

Festival culture is now an integral part of many people’s lives, from the teenagers of the world to the more discerning boutique festival goers. What started as small gatherings in the 1960s soon permeated into global culture, from parties held in the British countryside to raves in darkened warehouses in Berlin and concerts held on cruise ships in the Caribbean, and continues to grow, with new parties starting every year.

Festivals have become embedded in the lifestyle of many people around the world and this guide gives some insight into the many parties that have popped up from the United States, to Indonesia, Norway, Australia and everywhere in between. Offering a comprehensive look into the most famous raves on planet earth, this definitive guide includes the history of each festival, along with its location, music policy and a handy budget guide – all wrapped in handy, bite-sized chunks of information. So join us as we go Around The World In 80 Raves…

Marcus Barnes is a London-based music journalist, DJ and festival obsessive. He has been around the world sampling the very best that festival organisers have to offer, interviewing the artists that play there and reviewing the events for publications and websites including i-D, The Sun, The Independent, Resident Advisor and The Daily Mail. A writer for 10 years, music has been a constant presence throughout his life, though it wasn’t until 2010 when it became his vocation. In that time he has become widely-recognised as one of the most respected and hard working writers within the electronic music scene, conducting in excess of 200 interviews in just over a year and becoming fully immersed in the world of house, techno and their many sub-genres. If he’s not sat at his laptop furiously transcribing a new interview or reviewing the latest music, he’s attending club nights and warehouse parties in London, or travelling further afield to attend festivals and events overseas

The author is based in Camberwell, London.