Create Picture Perfect Moments with PhotoStack

Turn photos into lasting memories with the launch of PhotoStack – the brand new all-in-one photo organiser, editor and library from award-winning creative software developer, Serif. Designed with speed and simplicity in mind, PhotoStack will help budding photographers quickly and easily enhance, sort and share their entire photo collection.

Serif’s teaser email prior to launch

PhotoStack is the perfect program for those who love to take lots of photos. Whether they are pictures of a family holiday, or shots of a special graduation, wedding or birthday, PhotoStack makes it easy to put together a stunning photo library that will last a lifetime. Images can be imported up to ten times faster than other leading photo organisers, meaning less time is wasted before editing photos and creating bespoke albums to share with family and friends.

[pullquote_right]PhotoStack makes it easier than ever to share albums with family and friends.[/pullquote_right]Users can import thousands of photos from their camera, smartphone or tablet straight into PhotoStack and organise them in seconds. Once uploaded, photos can be tagged, rated or grouped into photo stacks – a feature which makes it easier for users to find their favourite version of any photo. It’s also easy to copy and move images, rename files, plus browse photos by camera details like make, model or settings used.

PhotoStack has lots of useful editing tools to help fix and enhance treasured photos. With just a few simple clicks, users can take care of imperfections, such as red-eye, spots and blemishes, and even erase unwanted background objects. There are also dedicated tools to recolour and sharpen images, plus features for cropping, cloning and straightening pictures. Users can also get creative with their photos by adding one-click artistic effects, including black and white, retro and sepia. All edits in PhotoStack are non-destructive, so users can make as many enhancements as they like without the worry of losing the original image.

Photostack Sreenshot

Once editing is complete, users can see their entire collection in the library and use simple drag and drop tools to quickly create bespoke photo albums. All photos are added quickly and can be searched and located by tag, name, date or other criteria such as camera lens or ISO settings. PhotoStack also has the ability to create Smart Albums where newly added photos are grouped together according to criteria set by the user. This means that photos taken on the same holiday or tagged with the same keyword are automatically added to an album.

PhotoStack makes it easier than ever to share albums with family and friends. Using easy one-click presets, photos can be connected to email accounts or uploaded straight to Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox. Photos can be printed with easy control over print size, layout and more. There is also the ability to Geo-tag photos, adding them to a Google Map so others can see exactly where they were taken – right down to street view.

PhotoStack is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and is optimised for 64-bit operating systems. It retails at £49.99 and is available from Serif at[featuredvideo]