Custom Molded Earphones by Sonomax®

Sonomax Technologies, Inc. (TSXV: SHH) is excited to announce the debut of sculpted eers™ custom-fitted earphones at NY electronics giant retailer expert, J&R. From its stores in Downtown New York City, J&R brings consumers the best in electronics, computers and more. It is a megastore with the personal touch of your local retailer, a family-owned business with a reputation that spans the globe.

“As the holidays approach, bringing sculpted eers™ custom earphones to J&R is another important milestone for Sonomax,” said Nick Laperle, Sonomax’s CEO. “J&R is a major electronics retailer in New York City and this partnership will focus on boosting sales during the holiday season and beyond.”

Making high performance custom earphones available to everyone, in the comfort of their own home, sculpted eers™ custom-fit earbuds mold to the unique shape of an individual’s ear canal in just four minutes, providing maximum comfort, exceptional sound, and a secure fit even during vigorous activity.

Named Best Headphones of 2012 at the CES Innovations Awards, sculpted eers™ molded earphones redefine the custom headphones listening experience providing an acoustic seal to ensure the wearer’s choice of listening does not need to compete with ambient sound, irrespective of the environment.

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