Dizzee Rascal gets distracted at launch of Playful Promises

Box Park, the world’s first pop-up mall in Shoreditch invited Dizzee to open its stores to the public.

But as Dizzee arrived, so did 29 year old entrepreneur Jonnie Shearer who owns Pussy energy drink, driving a classic Fiat 500 covered in flowers, with two lingerie clad models hidden inside.  See image attached of Dizzee with the models and Pussy Mobile!

Dizzee and some cheeky models

 The models lured Dizzee away from his official launch duties, into the hands of the Playful Promises lingerie store.
Dizzee was originally a bit spooked at the thought of posing with pretty girls but his photographer talked him round.  He had a great time in the end as you can see!


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