Do you have the skill to master Akai Katana?

Acclaimed video games publisher Rising Star Games is pleased to unleash more training videos for its recently released Xbox 360 exclusive arcade shooter Akai Katana. With these latest videos, you’ll learn about attack and defence, using both steel and gold collecting tactics, and how best to utilise them to maximise both score and damage to enemies. Watch the videos online now, at

Also available, the first series of exclusively designed themes and picture packs have been released and are available now on the Xbox Live Dashboard.

The Pilot Training tutorials have been commissioned to introduce new players to the best tactics, manoeuvres and skills needed to become a master of bullet hell.

Do you know what a ‘hitbox’ is? Is attack the best form of defense? And what exactly is ‘bullet hell’? All these questions and more have been answered in a collection of videos created to dispel the myths of shooters and creating legends out of newcomers. To learn everything you’ll need to know to take on any challenger, head over to and Rising Star Games’ YouTube page now to learn from the best.

Developed by Cave, Akai Katana blends frenetic action with intense, visceral battles to produce the stand out arcade shooter of the summer, featuring jaw dropping high definition visuals, jam-packed aerial battles to compliment some of the most loved shooter gameplay ever to come out of Japan.

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