Download: Kartica’s indie anthem ‘Wider Eyes’ for free

If you’re a fan of pure British indie who’ve captured the essence of quintessential British music and put a contemporary twist on it, then Kartica are for you. They’ve recently been making waves in the music industry, winning critical acclaim for their latest single ‘Don’t You Think So?’ and also, proving to be a stunning band to catch live.

NME has stated that they’re “Solid Sheffield Indie Rock” whilst The Silver Tongue over in the US have said, Kartica proves they have the proficiency and drive to be magnificent in their own right”. Whilst riding on such fantastic reviews, the band have decided to give away one of the bonus B-sides that come along side ‘Don’t You Think So?’, which makes it’s a tantalising package. Kartica are giving away ‘Wider Eyes’for you all to enjoy.

Download ‘Wider Eyes’ now:

If you’ve not cast your peepers over Kartica’s video for ‘Don’t You Think So?’, then take a look at it below. It’s already had over 18k views!

It’s rumoured that the band are planning their biggest show ever over the next few weeks, with festival appearances to boot. The guys have already played alongside the likes of The Twang, The South and The Complete Stone Roses, so their next show is promising to be an absolutely unmissable event.

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