eFusion MMOG GmbH Reveals an Official Teaser Site for Dragon Nest Europe

eFusion MMOG GmbH, an European publisher of massively multi-player online games, announced today that it has opened an official teaser site for the upcoming Dragon Nest Europe.

This teaser site is the first concrete realization of eFusion MMOG’s plans to launch the official service of Dragon Nest in Europe before end of this year.

European players, already very curious and excited to see the arrival of European versions of Dragon Nest, will find some basic and useful information about the game on this site: characters, maps, skills and etc. All information is clearly and concisely presented through texts and video clips. Moreover, to increase interest and attention of visitors and also to guide them step by step to essential information, the site is configured so that visitors move forward linearly by accomplishing a mission at each stage of their visit. Every visitor who successfully accesses all of the information presented on the site by performing the required missions will receive gifts as reward.

Dragon Nest is a free-to-play online fantasy action RPG developed by Eyedentity Games. With its fast paced action in gameplay and colorful, stylized graphics, this game has already attracted a lot of players and become one of the most popular action RPGs in Asia and North America.

About eFusion MMOG GmbH
eFusion MMOG GmbH, headquartered in Eschborn, Germany, is the official publisher of BlackShot and NavyField in Europe. Founded in 2007 and specialized in military games, eFusion MMOG is focusing on the publication of high-quality massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) developed in Korea specifically for European markets. All of eFusion MMOG’s games are available in its military gaming portal www.twowar.com.