Elbow announce Dead In The Boot – The B-Sides

The band have always loved B-side land and this is a collection of our favorites. None of our B-sides are album rejects. It’s a different space, usually just post finishing an album when all the members of Elbow are chiming and feeling very creative. This gives Dead in the Boot a real late night vibe. My sister came up with the title after we released Asleep in the Back. Some of these songs are the favorites we have ever written. It was important to us that this collection be an album in its own right so for some fans it may seem like there are glaring omissions, but these songs are the ones that hung together perfectly.” Guy Garvey, Elbow

For long term Elbow watchers the announcement that Dead In The Boot is finally due for release on September 4th will be very good news indeed. First talked about around the time of the release of the bands debut album Asleep in the Back, Dead In The Boot brings together B-sides and the odd non-album track from the band’s thirteen year recording career.

It’s the first release following Elbow’s highly-visible performance at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics. Elbow also contributed the specially commissioned “First Steps” to the London games.

The early years are represented by “None One” from the original Newborn EP released by Uglyman Records in 2000 and “Lucky With Disease” from 2001. The band’s most recent work is showcased by “Buffalo Ghosts” the B-side to the limited edition 10″ vinyl release of “Open Arms” last April.

In addition there are ten further tracks that demonstrate the depth of Elbow’s songwriting, comprising heart wrenching ballads, loping steel guitar ornamented grooves (“The Long War Shuffle”) and blues drenched howls (“McGreggor”).

Mostly self-produced, recording B-sides throughout the years allowed the band to hone their studio skills which eventually led Elbow keyboard player Craig Potter to fully produce and mix the bands last two albums. It may be categorized as a B-sides album but Dead In The Boot stands shoulder to shoulder with every other Elbow album released.

 “Dead In The Boot” will be available digitally on September 4th, 2012. Look for vinyl & CD editions later this fall.
Dead In The Boot
1. Whisper Grass – (Fallen Angel – V2 single release)
2. Lucky With Disease – (Newborn – V2 single release)
3. Lay Down Your Cross – (Not A Job – V2 CD Single)
4. The Long War Shuffle – (Leaders Of The Free World – V2 CD Single)
5. Every Bit The Little Girl – (One Day Like This – Fiction 7″ single)
6. Love Blown Down – (Fugitive Motel – V2 CD Single)
7. None One – (Newborn – Uglyman CD EP)
8. Lullaby – (One Day Like This – Fiction CD Single)
9. McGreggor – (Forget Myself – V2 7″ single)
10. Buffalo Ghosts – (Open Arms – Fiction 10″ Single)
11. Waving From Windows – (Grace Under Pressure – V2 CD Single)
12. Snowball – (From Help – A Day In The Life – Warchild album release)
13. Gentle As – (Leaders Of The Free World – V2 7″ single)