Ellie Goulding & Nike

Today sees the launch of an exclusive short film, ‘Music Runs Ellie’, starring recording artist and passionate runner Ellie Goulding. The result of an innovative partnership with Nike that fuses the worlds of sport and music like never before, the film was shot on location across the US and UK, and reveals Ellie’s two main passions in life – music and running.

Ellie, who has just finished a sold out tour of the US, managed to fit time into her hectic schedule to train for Run to the Beat, powered by Nike+, London’s Music Half Marathon which took place on September 25, 2011. ‘Music Runs Ellie’ brings to life Ellie’s journey, as she juggles her two life passions.

 Ellie trains with Nike+ which not only helps her to keep track of her performance and stay motivated, but also allows her to share online updates with her legions of fans. Using Nike+, Ellie posted real time details of her training runs onto her Facebook page so fans from all over the world could follow her inspirational journey towards the Run to the Beat, powered by Nike+ finish line, and send her messages of support.

Ellie Goulding has been passionate about running for a number of years.  Every artist has their pre-gig ritual, and in Ellie’s case, preparing for a show involves hitting the streets. Commenting on the partnership, Goulding said: “It’s fantastic to be able to combine two things that I am so passionate about with such a cool brand. Being able to run while on a busy touring schedule is difficult but it is something I make a priority and I think this film will show how I manage to combine the two.”

To mark the partnership with Nike; the 24-year-old singer-songwriter and runner has also released a stunning mix inspired by her love of running.  Mixed by DJ and producer Alex Metric, ‘Run into the Light’ works seamlessly as a 30-minute running aid, with peaks and troughs that sync perfectly into the rhythm of a run to help inspire the listener to run better than ever before.  ‘Run Into the Light’ is available now at iTunes.