Exclusive: Alan Bonner – ‘Redemption’

We’re really excited to be hosting Alan Bonner’s ‘Redemption’, exclusively for Kingloaf readers.

His album, Balladeer, is out today (March 4th) and he’s got a heap of live gigs scheduled to support the release.

LISTEN // Alan Bonner – ‘Redemption’

Alan explains a little about the song here: “A song about exorcising your demons. In 2010 I was in a bad way. A chain of events occurred in my life that I didn’t cope well with and I had what you might call a nervous breakdown. “Redemption” is basically about my recovery from that. About coming out of the darkness, into the light. About shaking out your demons and moving on.”

Tour Dates

  • March 7th // West St Live, Sheffield
  • March 12th // The Shed, Leicester
  • March 18th // Mr Wolf’s, Bristol
  • March 21st // The Brunswick, Hove
  • 27th March // The Underbelly, Hoxton London 8.30pm

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