ExplosiveAlan.com starts with a bang

Explosive Alan is delighted to announce the launch of its official website. Boasting a wide range of features, field tested by a select team of community members, ExplosiveAlan.com features a responsive design to ensure optimal browsing across home computers, tablets and mobile devices. The clean, intuitive layout reflects its creators’ efforts to ensure that viewing content is simple and enjoyable, regardless of platform; It’s also a guiding principle of the site itself. ExplosiveAlan.com isn’t intended to further crowd the market, but rather to complement the wealth of great gaming sites that are already out there and guide visitors to content that the editors think they’ll enjoy.

It’s also the best way to discover Explosive Alan’s original video content, including iTunes hit Homework, games reviews digest Equaliser and a diverse selection of commissioned video work.

In addition, the Explosive Alan team will all contribute content to The Feed, which features exclusive articles, videos and other media, all produced with a personal slant. Members of the ExplosiveAlan.com community are actively encouraged to get involved too, commencing with ‘Heart Pieces’. This weekly series invites members of the community to talk about games that have had a profound effect on their lives, with the intent of making the wider audience think differently about the true values of gaming.

In addition, the site features Missions, which aims to bring out the community’s creative side with a variety of challenges, be it taking photos, manipulating images, composing music or just attempting to beat our high scores.

Anyone can sign up to the site, which immediately grants them the opportunity to follow other members of the in-site social network, post status updates, comment on all content and participate in the forums.