FERRAGAMO, MRTW SS 2013 Collection Release

Flashes of colour set in the ambience of an art gallery. A man, passionately devoted to beauty, who lives in a metropolis with dynamic radiance, takes in the energy of Los Angeles and its cultural syncretism. With subtle eccentricity he wears clothes imbued with the colours of a David Hockney canvas, like a crisp cut ultra-lightweight cotton blazer with contrasting piping. Underneath, he wears a loose-fitting, pictorial-effect printed shirt with cotton jacquard tie over carrot-cut trousers. A pop of colour on his feet in the form of running shoes, either colour blocked or in a necktie micro-pattern.

A unique combination of tailoring and sportswear for the modern man are achieved by luxurious and innovative design solutions.

Dynamic yet sophisticated, he wears full-colour mirror-lens glasses as he crosses the city on a hi-tech bicycle, a boldly coloured monochrome watch with a grosgrain strap secured on his wrist. A two-tone, double-sided fabric trench with heat-sealed piping is effortlessly thrown over his shoulder. A tour de force of layering, a coat with a minimalist shape reveals hyper-sophisticated detail on the inside.

Finely stitched knits with transparent patterns juxtapose inlays and jacquard against his shirt, echoed in a continual trompe l’oeil by the pictorial patterns and motifs on his neckties and the detailing on his shoes. Revealing his passion for art, the palette of his wardrobe is made up of vibrant brushstrokes, including light blues and greens – Pacific, Curaçao, Spearmint, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green – and bright reds and yellows – Granatina, Pink Pepper, Summer Sun and Limoncello – all complimented by pure Optic White and neutral Pearl and Rope.

Cosmopolitan and perfectly in sync with the city’s frenetic rhythm, he chooses flat bags with simple lines, designed for both business and travel, blurring the line between craftsmanship and technology. A way of always staying connected he carries a re-proportioned tote (multi-pocket and multi-function, a portable office), a folding portfolio or a rubber-reinforced leather iPad-holder with contrasting white piping.

A modern aesthetic weaving together art and style, energy and colour, in Salvatore Ferragamo’s Men’s Spring-Summer 2013 Collection.


Chris "MUG5" Maguire is a multimedia futurist that specializes in all things multimedia. From Record Production to Film Making Chris has worked with hi-end clients the world over. Chris is the Editor in Chief of both KingLoaf.com & Altsounds.com