Ferrari launch new Leather Essence fragrance, with some tonka beans

In a tribute to the immaculate leather interiors of the GT Car, Ferrari have launched a new fragrance. The new addition is an add-on to the Ferrari Essence Collection: an anthology of fragrance encapsulating luxury, power and elegance. The bottle looks shit hot – you just want to touch it don’t you?

Ferrari Leather Essence

Ferrari Leather Essence is a dark and mysterious fragrance with its roots in a raw leather note sublimated by shining black steel accord. Top notes of aromatic accents and spicy tones; with a heart of patchouli and cinnamon, wrapped in a base of oud woodiness and mellow tonka beans. Not that any of that makes sense to you, or me, but what it does sound like is a thoroughly nice sniff. At 79 English notes you expect those ‘mellow tonka beans’ to be the dogs bollocks.  

Ferrari Leather Essence will be available exclusively at Harrods for around £79 for the 100ml bottle, as of September 2013.