Free Download: Volenté – So Many Times

To celebrate the release of Volenté Broken Promises’ single, the genre bending ‘So Many Times’ is available for a free download, so make sure you treat your ears this Easter weekend with a gorgeous offering by one of South Wales’ finest electro pop sirens.

Broken Promises’ was released March 25th via Dockrad Records, and has gained a wonderful amount of critical acclaim, proving to be a quirky yet highly addictive piece of pop that definitely stirs up intrigue and wonder.

LISTEN | DOWNLOAD: Volenté – ‘So Many Times

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Learn more about the in’s and out’s of ‘Broken Promises’ with the wonderful track by track run down of exactly what made ‘Broken Promises’ so special.

Broken Promises‘:

When writing, I usually start out on an acoustic guitar with vocals. On the ‘Broken Promises’ track, I was inspired by drum ‘n bass and beats reminiscing about the early rave days, with undertones of electric guitar, which reminded me a bit of Sonic Youth.  Broken Promises is all about how when one has a link with an individual and something goes wrong, about what happens when that link gets broken, the effects and consequences thereof, whether dreaming about the person or meeting them again at some point in the future.   The string section and wailing on the choruses represents the sadness when all is lost by countless broken promises.

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So Many Times‘:

I decided early on that this song would be very minimal, hence the Massive Attack comparison.  So Many Times is about not giving up and carrying on, regardless of how good or bad a situation might be.  It is about the fact that nothing in life being set in stone, nothing is a sure bet and that plans never work out, so best to make rough sketches instead.  

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End of Time‘:

I really enjoyed creating this track, as I liked the hook I came up with and the orchestral section of the track seemed to work well with the minimal bass and beats. Strangely enough, I thought of Aled Jones, when doing the soprano backing vocals to this track, which was kind of bizarre.  This song represents the emotional side of broken promises. 

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Listen: ‘Broken Promises’:

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