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Kangol Aerial7 Headwear

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Launching Autumn/Winter 2011, Kangol has partnered with headphone company AERIAL7 to create an innovative collaboration that actually allows you to listen to your favorite music inside your hat!

AERIAL7 has developed an ultra slim superior quality Sound Disk that is inserted into specially constructed Kangol jacquard earlaps. The Sound Disk system incorporates a microphone, which is compatible with mobile devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry. This allows music aficionados to hear their favorite songs without dealing with the hassle of earphones.

AERIAL7 was founded on the idea that sound can be combined with eye-catching design. Devoted to DJ culture, art, fashion, and action sports, AERIAL7 is the perfect complement to Kangol, who maintains a reputation for crafting world-class headwear for creative pioneers. Established in Cumbria, England and adopted by the trailblazers of hip-hop in New York City, Kangol is a cultural fusion, taking the best of British heritage, retro flavor, and mixing it with future fashion.

How to Wear a Kangol

Kangol Designer Director Nic Harris gives us a lesson or two on how to properly wear a Kangol hat. She gives us a tour of the many styles of Kangol’s that are available and how they were named. An interesting video for fans of Kangol hats.

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