Get smarter in ‘A Smarter World’

In a recent article on King Loaf, we discussed the importance of being able to connect with the digital world, at any time, in any place. For most people, this is an essential part of living in 2013, and has been for many years now. Technology is progressing, moving forward and allowing us to change the way we live our lives. It's amazing to think back to the days when nobody had a mobile, and it was a case of running round to your mates house and asking if they could 'Come out and play.' I mean what the hell did we do when we were late for work, or when meeting someone in town, how did we connect up so easily? 

Now, all it takes is a 'like', a 'comment', a 'tweet' or whatever your digital medium. Pay phones where obviously an option, but who wants to handle a stinky old public phone, scouring your pockets for a spare bit of change to make a small phone call. Even now the option of sending a 'tweet' from a pay phone is actually possible, all you need is a text number – send a text message from the payphone, and there you go, 'tweet' done! 

Small parts of everyones lives are now dominated by this mobile technology. Little moments of your life are filled now with so much information, and the ability to grab that information within seconds. Finding what's on at the local cinema now can be done within a few swipes, clicks and taps. The ability to watch movies on a small piece of plastic and glass was something you would watch on Star Trek many years back, but now, it's completely possible. And in my view, that is astonishing. Do you not think?

Now, there are a small minority of people who haven't jumped on the bandwagon of the Smart Phone – by far the most advanced piece of mobile technology available today. Those people haven't quite got to the stage of seeing the advantages of converting to a Smart Phone just yet, and there may be a few fundamental reasons why. The clever boffins over at Carphone Warehouse have come up with a new concept, and approach to explain what a smartphone can replace.

Aptly named 'A Smarter World' – the idea is to simplify the best ways on which a Smart Phone can move you forward with your life using the technologies available. To push forward this 'A Smarter World' concept, Carphone Warehouse are holding a competition with the chance of winning smartphones or tablets. 

Entering the competition is so easy, all you have to do is upload a photo showing how your Smart Phone has improved your life. This can be absolutely anything, from your mate running up the wall doing a backflip (not reccomended if you haven't done it before!) or the dog making some strange noises when it sleeps. You think of the ways that the Smart Phone has improved your life, and send the photos in showing the crazy stuff you can now do with your smartphone. It's that simple.

This article is sponsored, all of the opinions expressed are by the author.

  • Taina

    Great article! I can’t live without my smartphone!

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  • Ahmed

    Got my last phone on Carphone warehouse – great service!

  • Gigi

    I agree! I’m addicted to my smartphone! Really enjoyed the article!

  • tiki

    Smartphone surely makes our lives easier then before, but we must be careful to don’t forget how to live without it! Anyway, great article!

  • Alex

    Suppose I’m one of the people who haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet. I’m considering it though

  • Smartphones are essential these days, I feel like I’m without hands everytime the battery on my phone dies))