Getting ready for the winter sports season

With record snowfall being predicted for many of the top destinations around the world, this year’s ski and snowboard season promises to be one of the best in living memory. As we all begin the rush to buy our kit and book our trips we thought we’d take a look at the best ways to get yourself ready for the upcoming ski and snowboarding season.

Getting the buzz

It might seem silly but getting the ski/snowboard buzz is what makes the season worthwhile. No laissez faire holidays for us – we want the prospect of adrenaline pumping thrills as we head to the slopes and we want to feel like we’re setting out to carve out our own piece of the mountain. Booking your holiday and buying new kit is a great way to start as is watching your favourite skiing and snowboarding videos. But this year we’re going to recommend you head to the Relentless Freeze festival to really get your buzz going and to get in the party mood while you watch at some of the best riding the world has to offer. The two day festival features the best of UK and International skiing and snowboarding with a series of competitions over a 32 foot jump made from 50 tonnes of real snow. Friday sees the freestyle ski competition kick off with some great names hitting the slope to pull off the best tricks and win the prizes. However, Saturday promises to be even more spectacular with the snowboarding world cup finals and the Europe versus the world skiing and snowboarding competition. It promises to be a huge event with Britain’s very own Dom Harington letting us know just how epic the jump is “It’s quite scary at the top because you can feel it wobbles, but it’s an amazing scenery over the whole of London from up there.” We reckon this is definitely the event to head to prior to the ski season so off you go to get tickets while we head to the mundane – though no less essential season prep.

Getting in shape

We all know those long snow free summer months can really put a dent in the Adonis like bodies we’ve created in the winter season (or maybe not). Even if you’ve remained fairly active all year it’s still a good idea to get your body ready for winter sports as they use very different muscle groups from your usual exercises. Cardio is of course essential to raising your stamina for the season but you’ll also want to focus on exercises such as squats, lunges and push ups to really get yourself in peak condition for the upcoming season. This will stop you injuring yourself and ruining an otherwise great time so you don’t miss out.

Check your kit

We’ve done it ourselves – packed our kit and got to our chalet only to realise something is missing, broken or simply doesn’t fit anymore. In the warm up to the season make sure you go through all your kit and check your boots and bindings don’t need re-adjusting or re-fitting. Ending up having to buy and fix kit when you should be hitting the slopes is effectively cutting into your holiday time, so check it all out before you travel to avoid wasting precious seconds on the slopes. With all that in mind have a great time getting psyched for this season and enjoy the show at the Relentless Freeze Festival 2011 from this Friday 28th October. Tickets are still currently available but they are selling fast.