Good Looks Not Important… “REALLY?”, the dating community exclusively for good-looking people, has launched “REALLY?” a 90 second movie in response to a sustained assault on the site’s concept.

Since launched in 2002, the dating site which is founded on the principle that everyone wants to be with someone they are attracted to, has come under fire for being prejudiced, unfair, and even for misunderstanding human nature.   In the words of renowned social psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall, former lecturer and researcher at Cardiff University, it has been “lambasted for telling the truth.”

 Managing director Greg Hodge said: “We receive hundreds of emails each week from people who are furious with and we have experienced a continued media backlash.  In my opinion, political correctness has gone too far.  There is a cavernous gap between what people feel and what they think they should say. 

 “Watch “REALLY?””, Hodge continued, “and you’ll agree that our critics are fooling themselves.  They can’t argue with millions of years of evolution.  Everyone naturally wants to be with someone they are attracted to.  This is the concept on which was founded.”

The movie shows a politically correct world gone too far, where physical attraction is not important and beauty shines solely from within.  A world where women shun the beautiful and fawn over the ugly guy because he must have feelings, intelligence and sensitivity.  In their eyes, he must be perfect, because he is ugly.  “Really?”

Actors and featured extras on the set of “Really?” – agreed that the film they were shooting had no basis in reality.  Michael J Sielaff, who plays the “ugly guy” said:

 “I’m the last person to be cast as the next Hollywood sex symbol and that’s fine by me – I’m comfortable in my own skin, playing this role was a hoot.  Unfortunately reality doesn’t work like the promo shows – you can’t ignore the physical side of beauty.  And likewise, I’d never assume a woman has an ugly soul because she has a face like Kim Kardashian.  Who would?  Unless you’re actually talking about Kim Kardashian”

Heather Seychelle, a member who was cast as an extra in the movie said: “I asked to be cast in the film when I heard it was being made.  I am proud to be a member of, I strongly object to reverse lookism; so many of my attractive friends have encountered it and struggle to be taken seriously”. is the largest community of attractive people in the world. Since its conception in 2002, the site has launched in 190 countries with over 700,000 members worldwide.   Over 5.5 million people have been rejected from the site over the same period.  

Currently, an average of one in eight applicants is accepted.  The majority of successful new members come from the USA, Canada and France.   The countries with the highest rate of rejections are the UK, Russia and Poland with the UK and Poland having the least attractive male applicants in the world.

‘Beauty’ versus the untruthful world of the politically correct, by Dr Cliff Arnall:

Why are very good looking people vilified for being democratically elected onto a dating website?   What are these people meant to do?  Scar themselves or hide away to make other less attractive people feel less ugly?  Political correctness has repressed the truth to the point that telling the truth has become a social crime. 

The truth is some people are born more beautiful.  Assuming they are devoid of an intelligent thought is petty, and simply incorrect.  And as for a democratic internet service that is totally grounded in highly respected research and based on psychological and biological truths I say good for them.

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  • This concept is MAD.

  • OJC

    curious to see the ‘judges’ who are approving the ‘select’ few. Would their ‘selected’ applicants think the same of them if they were to see who they are being judged by? Also, what is their ‘ideal’ of beauty based on? Pop Culture icons? Curious to see how many people of color fall into your idea of ‘beauty’. Yes, there are different levels of (what we call) beauty, HOWEVER, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is a Monet more beautiful than a Gauguin? If so, why and based on what? Oh, ‘your’ opinion. But what if I don’t like Monet? Does that make my opinion any less important in the scheme of things? As a tall, physically fit and toned caucasian man who’s (and I say this humbly) been told I’m handsome, Count me out of this lame ‘cookie cutter’ factory. If these people are SO BEAUTIFUL, why the f**k do they need to be on a website looking for dates? Shouldn’t they be able to just open their door (to grace the world of the mundane mud-ducks with their presence and beauty of course), walk a few feet down the street and have the world fall at their feet? Hmmm? Maybe they’re not as ‘good looking’ as they (or this pathetic site) says they are. Think about that one why don’t you.

    • Um. Why is this site pathetic? We posted this in humour. Maybe you should re-evaluate the way you look at some things matey.