Gym’s Boxers Take To The Virtual Ring To Train on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Machine

World renowned boxing manager and coach John Rooney Jnr has installed a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade machine at his London gym to help his fighters improve reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Rooney’s Gym owner John Rooney Jr said: “It’s one thing to get your body fit but it’s equally important to train the mind as well. I know a number of boxers who play fighting games like Tekken and I was surprised to see a noticeable improvement in their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. We’ve installed the arcade machine in Rooney’s gym as I am a firm believer in video games and the benefits they have for fighters’ reflexes and reaction times. These games are a great addition to a fighter’s arsenal of training tools.

  • Gig

    fake~… or at least the pics are toooo fake.. how can they play properly with gloves on xD

    • Same tought here , at least take the golves off

    • Facepalms

      Not fake, are you dumb? These are staged shots taken purposely for the article.
      They’re supposed to look flashy and simply promote the event. Those might not even be the gym’s actual fighter’s and could just be two paid models.
      DUH, who the fuck would seriously play with gloves on?. . . .

      • Voldo

        Steve Fox ? XD