Have we found a new ‘Super-Earth’ ?

Ever wondered about the galaxy and what is actually out there? Apparently a distant planet barely bigger than Earth has been discovered in our galaxy. U.S. space agency astronomers gathered data during multiple readings by the Kepler space telescope to confirmed this information. Tiny clues where discovered of a so-called super-Earth planet.

The super-Earth is reported to be a distant rocky planet about the size of Earth in our Milky Way galaxy roughly 350 light years away (Ok, so that is a hell of a long way away). The discovery has stunned all those boffins in the white jackets, as discovering a relatively small Earth-sized planet so far away is an extremely rare occurrence. Usually the only distant planets as big as our solar system gas-giant Jupiter can be detected. Jupiter has nearly 320 times more mass than Earth, with 120 times more surface area.

So this could be a new Alien-world. In the words of The X Files – ‘I Want To Believe’.

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  • Rehman khan

    i think! we should never found life on other palnets and we cannot live on them.