Haye vs Chisora brawl brings shame to boxing

Calm it down chaps, can’t we all just get along? These boys clearly have some issues. What happened last night in Munich Germany between  David Haye and Dereck Chisora is a true shame to the sport.

In the video footage, Chisora confronts Haye, who then appears to strike Chisora, the pair get into a brawl and fall to the floor.  Haye then gets into a fist fight Don Charles, Chisoras coach and they trade heavy blows. 

Haye picks up a camera tripod and launches it at Charles. The tripod strikes Hayes own coach Adam Booth, which likely caused the cut to his head.

Peace was eventually brought to this charade, which incidently was not a great advert for British Boxing.

But a fight between Haye and Chisora has suddenly become the one people will want to see, hopefully in the ring though.

Although Chisora promised to shoot Haye and burn him, settling their differences in the ring, will hopefully be the option they take. 

Police are now searching for Haye to question the beast of a boxer as to what really went down.