Heavy Eco’s Prison fashion launches in the UK

The Story

Bad, ugly, dirty, hard, unethical. These are the things that usually come in mind when people think about Eastern Europe and prisons. But does it have to be? Can something good and ethical come out of an Eastern European jail? Heavy Eco believes so. Their aim is to show that just because something or someone seems to be lost doesn’t mean that they don’t have a future.

Social Enterprise

Heavy Eco gives Eastern European prisoners, like Kolya and Pavel, a chance to do something good and rehabilitate themselves. Utilising their creativity, prisoners design unique products, like LP courier bags for DJs and organic cotton printed t-shirts. Heavy Eco believes that the roots to jail lies in childhood. That’s why 50% of profits are donated to help homeless & orphanage children. And, of course all artisans involved (including convicts) get paid for their work.


Durable and practical – bags are constructed from discarded billboards, made from PVC, that are designed to stand up for any weather conditions, be it heavy rain, snow or wind. Heavy Eco knows that their bags last a lifetime, so give all the bags a lifetime warranty.

Prisoners decide how to cut and sew billboards, so whether you see a part of Angelina Jolie’s lip, Bruce Willis’s bald head or abstract art on your bag will depend on them and their dark minds. Inmates also make organic t-shirts with prints inspired by old-school Russian prison tattoos. In the Russian criminal world, every tattoo tells a story of that criminal. You can tell what the person is in jail for, how many times he’s been convicted and even if he has a gambling or drug addiction just by looking at the tattoos. Cotton is sourced from India from a factory with respect for human rights and good working conditions. Heavy Eco believes that organic cotton is the future and t-shirts are silkscreen printed using water based inks.

T-shirts are £33.27 and bags start from £41.70

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