High-flyer crosses Alps

An American balloonist named Jonathan Trappe has recently been the first person to cross the Alps using only helium balloons.

Aged 38, the trained pilot from Raleigh, North Carolina completed the stunning journey strapped to 54 brightly coloured balloons on September the 11th 2011. Setting off from Gap in southern France and finally landing almost 12 hours later close to the Italian town of Andezeno.

During his incredible flight he witnessed a beautiful sunrise from an altitude of 15,000 ft, nearly crashed into the massive Monte Viso on the French-Italian border and completed half of the journey in the dark.

‘’I would probably have died had I come down, not just because it was dark, but because the terrain is so rugged there would be no place to land. As children we all have this dream of flying off on balloons but we are told it’s not possible, but it really is possible and it makes me wonder how many other things do we tell our kids aren’t possible that really are.’’

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Tom Harding

Writer for King Loaf & Alt Sounds

  • Haha what a mad piece of news. That has to be scary as shit doing that!

  • Tom Harding

    yer man, love this guy!