How to make beats with your trainers…

Foot Locker has just released a new video demonstrating how to make some intense beats using dance moves and a few pairs of sneakers. The team of Foot Locker ‘Stripers’ enter the dance platform and show off their skills on how to mangle some beats together using their feet.

Foot Locker has always had a passion for music, and so they asked if music can be mixed with feet, instead of hands. They answered, so watch the video in the above player to see how they did it.

The world renowned sports-fashion retailer Foot Locker reached out to one of the most sought after installation specialists to create a fully interactive sneaker mixing desk. The technology is a world-first, and allows the user to interact with their feet to create, mix and dominate some awesome music. The style of music chosen inspires a whole collection of different visuals to create an ultimate sneaker music visual combination.

During the video the Foot Locker ‘Stripers’ mix their tunes with a Converse Peelback, a Nike Free Run +2 and an Adidas Honey Hi. Not only do they create some stunning music, they also visually thrill with some amazing dance moves. There is one-handed hand-stands, back-flips, front-flips… you name it and the Foot Locker ‘Stripers’ have it down with so much style.