Hyundai’s Message to Space

An innovative automaker with a proven track record of developing some of the world’s most advanced cars, Hyundai Motor Company continues to push the limits in delivering creative ways of connecting people.

Its latest global campaign entitled ‘Message to Space’ called on experts from Korea, Europe, and the United States to create the world’s largest tire track message that could be read from outer space. The result was a resounding success, overcoming the limitations of physical distance to forge an emotional connection between a father and daughter.

‘A Message to Space’ revolves around thirteen-year-old Stephanie from Houston, Texas whose father is an astronaut and often away on space missions for many months at a time. His upcoming mission will force him to be away from her for seven months, creating an emotional gap between the two.

Hyundai Motors conceived of a way for Stephanie to stay in touch with her father while he is gone by having her personal message written in giant lettering, big enough to be read from more than 300kms away.

In order for Stephanie’s message to be read clearly from such a great distance, experts had to strategically identify optimal locations based on numerous geographical and meteorological factors. After several expeditions throughout various locations, and analysing weather data, Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada was selected as the most optimal destination.

A total of 11 cars from Hyundai’s flagship Genesis line were used to create 30 meter-wide letters over the desert. Spanning 5.55km, nearly twice the size of New York City’s Central Park, Stephanie’s message was soon brought to life and generated a response from her father.

The tire track message turned out to have made a huge impact. Not only were Stephanie and her father connected emotionally over such a great distance, the feat was officially registered by The Guinness World Records as “The Largest Tire Track Image” on January 18th, 2015.

The whole event proved challenging and required a vehicle with not only outstanding engine performance, elaborate handling, proven powertrain, and driving stability to cope with the rough surface and to carry through with the elaborate message. Furthermore, to ensure that all cars were able to carry through with the tire track writing in perfect synchronisation, the Hyundai Genesis excelled and proved to be the superior automobile for the challenge.

Keeping in line with Hyundai Motor Company’s corporate vision of ‘Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond’, the campaign highlights the brand’s philosophy of caring for customers through emotional interaction and becoming a brand beyond simply a means of transportation.

Watch the official ‘Message to Space’ video in the player above. Both feature a behind the scenes look at the making of the video, and interviews with the creative team.[featuredvideo]