I Want That Look: Issue #1 Virgin Blak Clothing

As a lover of fashion I am always on the lookout for the next fashion brand to take my fancy. The high street, even in New York City offers little for me. There are some stores I frequent but out of a whole store I might find one or two items at most each time I visit. As such, I turn to the internet a lot to try and find some cool clothing companies because, at the end of the day, the internet allows you to shop from all over the world. Now when it comes to that, I’m also sure some of you are a bit hesitant too, so the purpose of this article is to showcase who, in our opinion is not only a kick ass fashion brand, but secondly a safe place to shop.

Virgin Blak Clothing – VirginBlak.com

I stumbled across Virgin Blak through my travels around the web and the second I found them, I fell in love. Virgin Blak have the type of rock and roll clothes (Rock Chic Cloting) I have been looking for and their prices are super reasonable. Virgin Blak hail from South Korea and are run by the uber cool Jae Kim and they offer a mixture of original clothing coupled with the best clothes coming from other local South Korean brands through his company Virgin Blak. From the second you see Virgin Blak’s clothes in person, you fall even more in love. From awesome biker leather jackets to denim’s that you always wished you could find. Add to that sick t-shirts and all sorts of shoes and accessories and I found my favorite new brand in Virgin Blak.

So I browsed around the Virgin Blak online store which, may I add has a weekly sale that is always mind blowingly good and picked my first outfit, consisting of five items out of the plethora of awesome clothes on the Virgin Blak site. Below you can see the results of my outfit choice with an explanation and further detailing about each item:

 Chris “MUG5” Maguire modelling his chosen Virgin Blak look

Item #1 – 2FF Vampire Lips Print T-Shirt

The first item I picked from Virgin Blak was a t-shirt. Now this decision was the hardest of all because at Virgin Blak they have SOOO many awesome t-shirts it is pretty hard to just choose one. I ended up with about 10 in my cart at one point while trying to pick out just this one shirt. When it arrived from Virgin Blak, the quality of the t-shirt was excellent, the print was vivid and even after a bunch of washes it stays true and solid to what it looked like when it first arrived. It is worth noting that the actual shirt color is a little more beige than is shown in the product image above but, for me, that actually made it a bit more bad-ass as it was a color of T-shirt that I didn’t already have. This Virgin Blak T-shirt has become a staple of my weekly wearing and I can’t recommend it enough to you guys. 

Click the title or image above to be taken to the Virgin Blak store to buy this item for yourself for just $25.99!


Item #2 – 1YU Moto Denim Jacket

Now with a T-shirt as badass as the Vampire Lips one, I needed to pick a jacket from Virgin Blak that would stand out moreso than the T-Shirt. Again this mission was tough, not because there weren’t any bad-ass jackets but because there were so many!! I mean literally, I found myself again with 10 or so jackets in my Virgin Blak cart trying to figure out which jacket would look the best with the Vampire Lips T-shirt. I decided to take a gamble on the Moto Denim Jacket because it looked super badass on the model and, while I felt it might run small, I took a risk and ordered it anyway. One thing to note with the Virgin Blak clothes is that they run a little small due to being a South Korean brand and, I ordered the Medium Moto Denim Jacket and, while it says medium, it is actually a small in equivalent US size. Virgin Blak clearly label this on their website and also give a guide chart on the item for how their items will run in regular US sizes, so it was fairly easy for me to figure out which size I needed.  This item is, to this day still my favorite item I ordered. It works well with almost any outfit and due to the bleach wash on this you can wear it with other denim and it not look weird. The detailing is phenomenal, the ribs over the arm joints looks amazing, the slight rips and tears here and there work great and the lapel, the coloring of the zips and the way the jacket looks different both zipped up and down is just amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this jacket to every single person out there, it is the simplest way to change yourself into a badass in one single step.

Click the title or image above to be taken to the Virgin Blak store to buy this item for yourself for just $99.99!


Item #3 – 3CU Studded Wooden Bracelet (Silver)

As I worked my way down my torso, I decided it was time to look at an accessory or two. Now I am a fan of bracelets and necklaces but felt that the Vampire Lips T-shirt was good enough to stand on it’s own and that a necklace might spoil that. As such I decided to browse Virgin Blak for a bracelet, again being bombarded with pure awesomeness, I ended up choosing a bracelet that would look great popping out from below the awesome Moto Denim jacket. This Virgin Blak bracelet is super well made. It is multiple segments of wood with circular studs embedded within it. The wood is nice and dark which works great against the bleached look of the jacket. What I do like most about this is the width of it, while potentially a little girly for some men, I like the edginess that this size offers and, if you’re man enough you can definitely pull this Virgin Blak bracelet off!

Click the title or image above to be taken to the Virgin Blak store to buy this item for yourself for just $20.99!


Item # 4 – 2ZW Studded Square Buckle Slim Belt

Next up I wanted a belt to go for the pants I was about to pick out. Now I have a ton of belts already, in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some have studs, some do not, but one thing all of my belts had in common was the width of them, so, in this instance I decided to go for a different sized belt – a slim one.  What’s cool about this Virgin Blak belt is that it is studded, but not in a cheesy way, like the emo style belts of old. This Virgin Blak belt is so unique in it’s slimness and in it’s studs with the studs being small and circular. All in all this Virgin Blak belt is super cool and uber original. If you are looking for something different out of a belt you can’t go wrong with this choice! The square buckle just finishes it off perfectly too!

Click the title or image above to be taken to the Virgin Blak store to buy this item for yourself for just $28.99!


Item #5 – 2ZJ Dark Wash Blue Skinny Jeans

The final piece of my outfit puzzle was to figure out what pants to wear. Now there was again a plethora of awesome choices on VirginBlak.com but I was toying between black biker pants or a pair of super Dark Wash Blue Skinny Jeans. In this instance I decided to go for a dark wash pair of blue skinny jeans as I didn’t yet own skinny blue jeans with that dark a wash. When I got these Virgin Blak jeans they fit me perfectly, after making sure I cross referenced their sizing chart. Initially I was a little concerned with how thin the denim fabric of these jeans were but, after they haven’t left my legs much in the couple of months since I have owned them, I must say that the thinness of the denim is now what I love the most, with how skinny they are being a close second.  These Virgin Blak jeans are so fantastic that I think I am going to buy a second pair while they are still in stock to ensure that I can wear these for a few years to come, even when my first pair wear out!

Click the title or image above to be taken to the Virgin Blak store to buy this item for yourself for just $38.99!


Complete Look Cost: $214.95

Now unless you’re crazy you will agree that not only is this Virgin Blak look badass but it is VERY reasonably priced. So much so that you probably should just pop your credit card out of your wallet and get this look for yourself from Virginblak.com. Turn up at your next event looking like this and it sure to be a good night!


And that wraps up today’s installment and the very first issue of I Want That Look. There will be more installments from Virgin Blak in the future as these guys are literally, in my opinion, the best brand I around at the moment. The I Want That Look feature is not exclusive to these guys though and you can expect to see even more cool brands that I find showing up in these pages in the near future.


Chris "MUG5" Maguire is a multimedia futurist that specializes in all things multimedia. From Record Production to Film Making Chris has worked with hi-end clients the world over. Chris is the Editor in Chief of both KingLoaf.com & Altsounds.com