Icky Blossoms cover Siouxie & the Banshees for RSD 7″ w/Black Lips

After being many a SXSW-goer’s toast of the weekend, Omaha’s Icky Blossoms precede the UK release of their debut self-titled album (June 3rd via Saddle Creek) with a Record Store Day split 7” with The Black Lips.
They give Siouxie & the Banshees classic ‘Arabian Knights’ a lick of their hedonistic electronics, juxtaposed with a typically raw & ready take on Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings’ ‘Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys’ by Black Lips. The limited edition 7” will be available on April 20th for record store day 2013, also through Saddle Creek.
Listen to Icky Blossoms cover ‘Arabian Knights’ here: https://soundcloud.com/saddlecreek/icky-blossoms-arabian-knights
Hailing from America’s center, Icky Blossoms formed in the blizzard of 2011 through friendship, trials and a mutual desire to make art and new music. A brainchild born from the boredom of sitting still. Guitarist and vocalist Derek Pressnall (previously of Tilly & the Wall) met Icky Blossoms vocalist Sarah Bohling and lead guitarist Nik Fackler in the vibrant Omaha art scene and invited them to play in his band Flowers Forever. Enchanted by endless nights in clubs and inspired with a desire to program dance music with instantaneous grooves and depth, Pressnall, an acclaimed visual artist, and Fackler, a spirit- award nominated filmmaker, combined with Bohling’s mesmerizing voice and formed Icky Blossoms.
Icky Blossoms combine bass-heavy electronic grooves, pop structure, and a rock & roll swagger to pioneer a sound on the audio vanguard: music that is simultaneously avant garde, catchy and danceable. Their music spans from the anthemic to the introverted, chronicling the twists and turns of the human condition. Each band member arrives at the group from distinct musical backgrounds and collectively cite varied influences including contemporary pop, electronic, hip hop, experimental, no wave and world music. When Derek, Sarah, and Nik each input their particular inspirations they create a final product that is not only wholly unexpected, but greater than the sum of its parts.
With a strong emphasis on DIY, the trio plans to integrate all their artistic abilities into the band, able then to better connect with those who choose to follow their creations or attend their live shows. Imbued with a celebratory atmosphere, their concerts have grown to be conduits for personal expression and individual creativity for everyone in the room.
Loud, sweaty and out of control, the edge of their music and personalities combine with the hooks of their pop songs, creating a show which is one side dance party, one side mosh pit.
If you haven’t already, check out the video for album track ‘Heat Lightning’ here: https://soundcloud.com/saddlecreek/icky-blossoms-heat-lightning